Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Reminder Note For Tax Day For Your Friends

Hey! How are you doing? Hope you haven't forgotten that Tax Day is right close at the hand -- April 15. It wasn't there in my mind the last year and there wasn't anyone to ping me with a reminder note. Thank God that John's there to remind me of Tax Day this year. Suddenly this morning I was glad to find his email popped up in my inbox. It says, "Mike... I've been missing you for some time. So I'm shooting off this mail for you. But I found nothing much to say except asking you 'how's it going?' Anyway, remember that the tax filing deadline remains April 15. Take Care. Bye." Check out this cute and musical Tax Day reminder that you an try out to remind your friends about Tax Day.

Tax Day occasionally coincides with Patriots' Day, the civic holiday in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and state of Maine. This is an added advantage, because when this happens deadline is legally extended by one day. Well, had it been the case, it wouldn't have come to any help for me anyway, because the extension for the tax deadline are give only for people of Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, New York, Vermont, the District of Columbia and New Hampshire.

If you know someone who was about to miss te dealine, just shoot off a note of reminder about the tax day. Emails do not work always. So send these Tax Day ecards, as I'm planning to send some to my friends including Uncle Fred.