Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thanksgiving Countdown -- 21 days more

Ok freinds, admit that you can never resist your temptation to get yourself ready to grill roast Turkey for Thanksgiving, as soon as the Halloween is over. At least for me I can say that I'm a real foodie and start dreaming about the turkeys and cranberries as soon as the Halloween passes by. Thanksgiving is not even a month away. And I am preparing myself to throw a grand thanksgiving party for my friends over here. That way I can stay close to my friends or bring my friends close to me on this fun filled occassion.

It's only three weeks away and I've to prepare everything by 21st of November. If you are planning to freak out to launch a Thanksgiving dinner for your friends this is the right time to start off with your plan.

Happy Halloween 2007

I was lying on my couch the last night and could not sleep well .. don't know why. I was alone in my house. Suddenly with the clock stucking 2:00 am, the silence broke with a rustle in my bathroom. It sounded like the bubbling cauldron. I looked up at the closed door but couldn't walk down to check out if anybody's there. I called out, "Who's there?" almost in my chocking voice. Of course, nobody answered…but the sound went off.

Can you imagine the situation if this would happen in reality? But it can really happen to anybody this evening. Today's Halloween. I'm going to rent a couple of scarry movies and enjoy the real thrill of horror with my friends. What about you? If you are a fan of halloweem movies like me, then I would suggest you to watch "Exorcist", "The Others", "Evil Dead", "Frankenweenie" and not forgetting John Carpenter's "Halloween"

Just put off your lights and hold on your friends tight, put on the DVD and I'm sure you'll have a perfect Halloween shiver.

Let me wish you all a very Happy Halloween and a funfilled Trick-or-treat. If you are away from your loved one this Halloween, I know you are really missing him or her to much. Just click here if you want to reach out to your sweetheart with your very personal thoughts on Halloween today. You can delight him or her with wonder.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Experience the true Spirit Of Halloween

Friends! I just cant imagine that Halloween is not even a week away. But I'm sure that you are done with all the preparations with your Halloween costumes, Halloween props, Halloween gifts, and other Halloween stuff. Is there anything left? Did you spare any thought as to how you can surprise your friends who are staying miles away this Halloween? I'm going to cast a deep spell on my friends who stays in UK and Ireland. In these recent years – I've heard -- they have also adopted the adopted the Halloween tradition. Enjoy the true essence of Halloween. Share your deepest thoughts and feelings with your loved ones all around the globe.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

How to Make perfect Turkey Roast for Canadian thanksgiving

Come on, admit that you've always wanted to have special turkey roast for your Thanksgiving meal. It really easy to make. Check out this video and see how to make a perfect roast turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving.

VideoJug: How To Make A Perfect Roast Turkey

Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you have friends whom you're really missing, you can send this friendship comment to them.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wish your friends with smiles

Are the memories of the past days with your dearest friends haunting your heart? Probably they are also thinking of you a lot. Send them a thousand watt bright smile on Send A Smile Day, which is on October 5th.

Happy Send A Smile Day!

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