Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Review Of My Life

Just a few more hours to hit the New Year's eve. That means just a few hours for the dark sky to get adorned with glorious sparkles of New Year fireworks. It's time to share friendship and love with all you know on this Earth. And it's not all that a big deal to reach out to your friends and dear ones with all the millions of New Year wishes and special thoughts this New Year in this era of technology. Just a few key strokes and you can spread the fragrance of your presence around your loved once and bridge the greatest distance.

Here's a list of what I got and what I lost through out the year 2007.

All I wanted in 2007 was global peace and the scaled up spirit of friendship world wide. These are probably a couple of things that have always been experiencing a high demand all through the world. I feel it's something like trying to attain the unattainable. So lets' forget it and talk about what actually the year 2007 offered me.

I won the first prize at a local Recipe contest held at Miami in January. Yes, it's truly a memorable episode of my life because a lot of people came to know that I'm not only a great foodie but a good cook too.

I still remember February 15th, when my two Hispanic friends Juan and Pablo re-visited Miami and we had a real blast celebrating the Burger Lovers Day. We started of with special brew burger and ended up with yummy cheese burger.

I wont forget April 18th, when Rex and I had a great time at South Beach, Miami. Guess what! It was the International Guide Dog Day and lots of other dogs were there with their owners. Good news was that Rex found his first soul mate there.

May 28th 2007 -- Memorial Day was a special day for me because my mom and dad had visited Miami and after a long span of time. It was over half a decade that I got to meet my darling mom and dearest dad.

October 31st -- Halloween was again special for me. I entered the Halloween Costume contest and really became famous as Young Dr. Darkness.

November 22 -- Thanksgiving 2007 was extra special for me and my gang as we had a perfect blast on the day with lots of yummy food and special turkey recipes. Although we missed Juan and Pablo quite a lot on Thanksgiving 2007, but it was a memorable feast indeed.

December 25th -- Christmas 2007 was again a great time for me. My friends and I partied for a the whole night. We really rocked.

So 2007 was pretty good for me, but the case wasn't the same for many around me. I want to wish everyone I know on this earth a fun filled New Year's eve. I pray to my Lord to bestow His blessing on our Earth and make it a better place to live in.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Charity For Christmas Child

Friends! How's it going? World has adorned itself with new shades and I'm sure you've started getting the kitchen smell. Jingle is all the way in the air and fragrance of the Christmas flowers is making us sink deeper into the spirit of Christmas.


Have you ever thought of those poor children? I'm talking about those unfortunate children who don't have any Christmas. Santa Claus usually forget to reach out to them with toys. To be very candid, I didn't spare a thought on these poor kids until yesterday when I found a pale little kid standing in front of a gift mall, peeping through the glass door. Christmas should be a happy time for all, but a pity that it's not always the case. Here are the five very popular Christmas Charity projects, all with a common goal -- putting smile on their faces on Christmas. The true spirit of Christmas lies in loving each other, caring for the unfortunate children and making the world a happier place to live in.

You can form a group with all your friends and embark on a new voyage with a mission to put smiles on their faces. This is again a wonderful way to celebrate this Christmas.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Minute Tips on Christmas Gifts For Your Friends

Friends! I know that you can find jingle all the way and can't wait any more to sing it loud to the world. Kitchen smells have already started filling up the air all around, dazzling Christmas lights have started adorning the world in new shades. Warmth of fireplaces, Christmas trees adorned with Christmas balls, parties, friends and loved ones, all have merged together putting a special effect to your life.

If you haven't yet come up with any idea regarding Christmas gifts for your friends, you are too late indeed. Don't worry! Buying last minute gifts for friends on Christmas is not really nerve-racking. Just follow a few rule of thumb and you'll find it to be as easy as A B and C. Here's the last minute tips on Christmas gifts for friends that can show the true love for friends this Christmas.

Set Your Budget Aside
Common, admit that you did a real mess by wasting so much of precious time, without sparing even a little thought on buying gifts for friends. Now set your budgeted money aside and add a few more dollars to it. Don't panic. I'm not asking you to spend your month's total earning. Just try to compensate the lack of time. There are many malls that sells unique gifts under $ 20. Make a list of those shops and set out to shop.

Christmas Shopping Online
You can bank upon online shopping. I'm sure you can save a lot of time doing the last minute shopping online for the Christmas gifts for your friends. You can find almost anything online. The most interesting thing here is that your friend will never know that his gift wasn't bought from store. Just make sure that they're facilitating their customers with guaranteed shipping facility. There are loads of online stores like,, etc. It's only a few key strokes away.

Christmas Gift Baskets For Friends
Wait a bit. Think for a couple of minutes. Isn't it really easy to make an enticing Christmas gift basket for your friends. Just make a list of how many friends you want to reach out to with Christmas gifts. Make a list of the common things that your friends would like to have. Buy each item separately as many as your number of friends and make a gift basket. You can get the basket done by a professional person.

Christmas Flowers
Yes, Christmas flower bouquet may be your last resort if you are really confused about the gifts. Let a bouquet of some vibrant Christmas flowers carry your heartfelt thoughts to your friends.

Special Friendship Thanks On Christmas
Don't forget to reach out to your beloved friends with special thanks for their friendship. Shower them with Merry Christmas wishes. This will make your friends happier and feel special this Christmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends

Are you wondering what would be the best thing as a Christmas gift for your friends? This is a real problem indeed to find the right Christmas gifts for your friends. A Christmas gift doesn't need to be expensive. A real big Christmas hug can be a great Christmas gift and may be good enough to put a million dollar smile on your friend's face this Christmas. A perfect Christmas gift is the one that reflects your love and thought for your friends.

If you are looking for some cool Christmas gifts ideas for friends , here are some tips that can help you out this Christmas.

Shawl or a sweater
You can reach out to your best pal with the warmth of your love this Christmas. Buy a shawl or a sweater for your friend and delight him or her with a pleasant surprise.

Christmas Flowers
Christmas flowers are the best way to show your friends how much you love him or her. A fresh bouquet of real Christmas flowers may not cost much but I'm sure each flower on the bunch will speak thousand words.

A Pack of CD set
If your friend loves music, buy him or her a pack of CD. The Christmas music is one of the best way to hold the spirit of Christmas when ti comes to Christmas gifts for friends. Some of the best selling Christmas CDs are:

  • Christmas Eve And other Stories (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You (Vince Vance & The Valiants)
  • Twelve Songs of Christmas (Jim Reeves)
  • One Chance: Christmas Edition (Paul Potts)
  • Let It Snow (Michael Buble)
  • The Ghost Of Christmas Eve (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
  • Christmas Song (Diana Krall)
  • This Christmas (Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks, B2K, DeNetria Champ, TLC, Lina, Toni Braxton, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Aaron Neville, Anthony Hamilton and Boney James)

Friday, December 14, 2007

How To Find A Romantic Date On Christmas Eve

Dave tends to hibernate during the winter every year. He's at the greatest loss, since he's among those unfortunate guys who doesn't get the true essence of festive even though they get enough opportunities. Christmas eve is not for these guys.

The fact is that this is the best time of the year to meet new people, make new friends and embark on new relationships. Chances are you are going to be invited to a lot of Christmas parties. If you are single, the Christmas parties and New year parties are the best places to find the most lovable and romantic dates. And, believe me, picking the best out of the lot is not a big deal. Because moods are festive and hearts are filled with the joyful spirit of Christmas. If you are heading out to a Christmas party and are excited about picking up someone, all you need to remember are some simple tips.

Don't try to impress him or her: It doesn't really work if you try to impress him or her. Let him or her notice you . Stop trying impress him or her -- trying to impress him or her doesn't actually impress him or her. The secret is just to act normal, without trying hard to say things that will impress him or her. The bottom line is that trying to impress an opposite sex actually have a negative effect.

Don't asking too many questions: It's quite normal that you will have so many questions swirling in your head. Ask only a few of them -- the selective ones and listen to his or her answers curiously. Remember, curiosity is one of those positive attributes that would engage your speaker and make him or her speak out some more facts.

Build Trust: Why did you come to the party? Obviously because you know many of them in the party floor who are your friends. Chances are your mate may know some of them whom you know in the common room. You can help him or her to build up a trust.

Start a Conversation: The general theory of networking is that you should approach someone who's not having a friend in the common room or may be his or her acquaintances are busy with something else. Approach him or her with smile. Join him or her and start a conversation. Nice, if you start start off a conversation about the food.

I don't find it's hard to break the ice -- especially when the spirit of festive is at the fullest swing. Isn't that a good idea to freak out to a party, embark on an exciting kinship and share your innermost thoughts with a loving one this Christmas? At least much better than hibernating during the festive, when the world gets adorned with most vibrant shades.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Is there anybody who's a real fan of Chris Brown? The hip hop singer Chris Brown is named as the new "GOLD" by one of the November issues of Newsweek.He wants to be the biggest entertainer and has come up with a really wonderful music video for this Christmas. Yes, that really a big news for the Chris Brown's fans, scattered all over the world.

Well, this is not the end! There's another huge news for you, if you a Christmas fan. Just after gaining a huge success in his debut in "STOMP THE YARD", this young pop singer has appeared in a movie called "THIS CHRISTMAS". I'm sure this Christmas is going to be a real blast for Brown's fans as "THIS CHRISTMAS" would be a real entertainment for them. Wish Chris Brown a Merry Christmas. Watch out this clip of Chris Brown's Music Video for THIS CHRISTMAS.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Will Britney And Paris Have A Christmas Party together?

Hi friends! Who doesn't know about Paris Hilton's friendship With Britney Spears? The "Gimme More" singer, Britney Spears and the angel of beauty Paris Hilton are real good friends. There's a big doubt whether Britney-Paris friendship will witness a Merry Christmas this year. News of Britney blackmailing Paris, gives an indication that there's a crack in there friendship. At Britney's 26th birthday celebrations on 02.12.07 (the last Sunday), she sent the hotel heiress an epistle, warning her that she had an X-rated tape of Paris Hilton. "It warns Paris that if she continues being rude to people, the footage will be leaked online." Britney is really sick of Paris being rude to her pals. What's this nightmare before Christmas?

But the Hollywood queen, Paris is not bothered by this menace. She laughed on getting the letter and said it was all crap! Let's stay tuned to know what's going to happen this Christmas. Will they party together?

May The Lord Bestow His Blessings On These Two Friends This Holy Night

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Play Safe with Fireworks This Christmas

Hello friends!! Just 13 more sleeps to say Merry christmas!

Festive and fireworks are very much related to each other. Fireworks on Christmas is not so strange. But when it comes to fireworks certain things have to be kept in mind in order to play safe. If you are planning to organize a local firework show, you have to be extra cautious. New rules have been enforced to stop fireworks becoming a late night nuisance.

  • Avoid fireworks that make noise
  • You have to give a few days prior notice to your neighbors regarding the your display. This is especially important if they have any patient, children, pets or are elderly.
  • Prior notice have to be given to the local fire station and permission has to be sought.
  • Make sure that the pets and other animals are away from the fireworks zone.
  • Friday or Saturday are the most preferable nights for a firework display.
  • It's important that your fireworks are suitable for domestic use only.

If you are planning to buy Christmas fireworks online, click here to get a list of online fireworks sellers. Watch out these Christmas fireworks videos. Have funs.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Safety Tips

Hi friends! I am sure that you guys are keeping an eye on the Christmas countdown. Can you imagine that it's only a couple of weeks to until Christmas? So when it comes to Christmas that first thing that strikes our mind is the Christmas decoration. And Christmas decoration means Christmas trees and Christmas lightings. I hope that my last post on Tips On Christmas decorations would come to a great help on Christmas but here's something more important. Let's talk about safety tips on Christmas, that are related to Christmas decoration. Christmas decoration can be so much fun, since it holds the true spirit of Christmas. But it may also turn out to be really dangerous if Christmas safety tips are not followed.

Here are the Christmas trees safety tips and Christmas light Safety tips

  • Each year about 400 incidences of residential fire involve Christmas trees, resulting in havoc loss. The dried up trees are quite dangerous and should be avoided. while buying the real Christmas trees make sure that the needles of the pines are green and do not break when folded.
  • Stand your Christmas tree away from fireplaces.
  • If you are planning to come up with an artificial Christmas tree, make sure that it is fire resistances and doesn't have any nude electrical conductor.
  • Make sure that the artificial trees with built-in electrical systems have the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) mark.
  • If you're decorating the Christmas tree make sure that you are not using the frayed and nude wires and the broken socket.
  • Avoid placing lighted candles near the Christmas trees or near the curtains, if any.
  • When you are selecting the lights and extension cords make sure the product comes from an well known manufacturer.
  • Avoid using any items outdoor unless it's designed for external use. Remember that cords, wires, plugs etc.for the exterior use are not designed in the same way as for the interior purposes. Usually the exterior extension cords have three-pronged male plugs to avoid having a short circuit.
  • Usually for exterior light sets that are found today have built-in fuse that is connected in the plug. These are undoubtedly better than the ones that don't have built-in fuse.
  • Contact a good electrician for the Christmas light decoration. Self help is not always the best help!!!
Watch out some cool Videos on Christmas decorations from youtube.

Christmas Safety Tips

Christmas Tree Safety Tips From "The National Christmas Tree Foundation"

Christmas Neons

Friday, December 7, 2007

Tips On Christmas Decoration

Friends! Let me wish you all a very Happy Christmas Tree Week. So how are you doing with your Christmas decoration preparations??? Here are some Christmas decoration ideas. Read on...

It doesn't need to be a lot expensive when it comes to Christmas décors. Christmas decoration, on the other level, is something that emerges out of your very artistic sense. So let the artist within you come out this Christmas. Here are some Christmas decoration tips that may come to a great help to you.

First step:
Start on the Christmas decoration with disposing off the old and unwanted stuff that you don't want to keep this Christmas. This way you can earn some extra dollar too to spend on the Christmas décors this year.

Second Step:
Make a bit of market research on the most contemporary Christmas décors. Plan for a Christmas decoration themes and make a list of Christmas figurines and Christmas décors accordingly. But whatever the theme may be some of the all time great Christmass figurines are Santa Christmas tree topper, Santa and reindeer Christmas figurine, peace on Earth Christmas Santa figurines, reindeer pulling Victorian sleigh, snowman Christmas Figurine, snowman snow globe Christmas figurine, white Angel Christmas tree topper etc.

Step 3:
Look for the Christmas trees. If your party hall is large enough you can buy more than one of different models to be placed in different corners of the Christmas party floor.

step 4:
Buy some of the other Christmas décors that would hold the true spirit of Christmas. Some really lovable examples of Christmas décors are Christmas stars as Christmas tree topper, Christmas bells, Christmas balls, Christmas centerpieces, Christmas flowers.

Step 5:
Don't forget to buy the Christmas lights. Remember, christmas yard decorations is something that can't be overlooked if you are planning for a Christmas party. Lights are something that can make your home really rock on the Christmas eve. Watch out this vid -- an original Christmas lighting show set to music that was created by Carson Williams, and it turned out to be a real Christmas sensation.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tips On Christmas Gifts For Your Friends

Ok, now friends let's talk about the Christmas gifts. How far did you think about the Christmas gifts? If you are planning to throw a Christmas party, I'm sure you'd want to make it a real blast. So what you need to do is to put special emphasize on Christmas decoration, Christmas recipes, Christmas song etc. You can end up your Christmas party by extending your heartfelt gratitude to your guests for their presence. Extend a cute Christmas gifts to them as party favor and make them delight with surprise.

Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas gift baskets are really one of the nicest experiences and would make the perfect gift that can put million dollar smiles on their face. It's the right time you should spare a thought over it. By now the market is flooded with Christmas gifts, gift baskets among them are really enticing and are available for all generations. A Christmas gift basket with well assorted gourmet cookies are available for the cookie lovers. And guess what, Christmas cookies are really something that swing up the spirit of festivities. You might also know someone who loves chocolates. A Christmas gift basket for chocolate lovers might contain a selective assortment of the finest chocolates.

Christmas Gifts for Men
Starting from the cherry wood cigar humidor to the elegant Merry Christmas brass key ring you can find loads of really amazing Christmas gifts for men. Click here for an amazing collection of Christmas gifts for men.

Christmas Gifts for Women
Coming up with a really cool gift for a women sometimes becomes really hard -- especially when ti comes to the special occasion like Christmas and New Year. The best way purchase a good Christmas gift for her is to look at her taste and choices, consider her hobbies and interest and talk to her friends. Click here for an amazing collection of Christmas gifts for women.

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas is only 18 day away and I can hear the jingle all the way! And if you are really planning to cast a real magic spell on your guests just make a budget and lists og your guests. Plan for the shopping for Christmas gifts and start on with Christmas invitation!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tip For Purchasing Online Christmas Trees

Spare a thought on how to purchase a Christmas tree online. You've loads to online stores selling the Christmas tress during this season and millions of people shop for and purchase Christmas trees online with only a few key strokes. Here are some of the tips that you may find really helpful while buying online Christmas trees.

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Shopping Early for Christmas Trees
This is the right time for buying Christmas tress. You should shop for a Christmas tree earlier because it'll pay off with less competition and higher quality. If you are really serious about buying a Christmas tree, you need to purchase early to pick the best out of the lot.

Sellers of Christmas Trees
If you are looking for a real Christmas tree, you can contact some of the Christmas tree farm that are selling quality range of products. Tannenbaum's Christmas, Omni Farm, Silver Mountain Christmas Tress and Merwine Farms & Nursery are some of renowned online Christmas tress sellers that you can opt for.

Top Ten Christmas Trees
The top ten Christmas trees are:
  • Fraser Fir
  • Douglas Fir
  • Colorado Blue Spruce
  • Balsam Fir
  • Easter Red Cedar
  • White Spruce
  • Scotch Pine
  • Easter White Pine
  • Virginia Pine
  • Concolor Fir

Start off Your Christmas Plan: 20 Days Until Christmas

Countdown till Christmas -- 20 sleeps away!

So friends, chalk out your plan if you don't want to create a mess when it comes to Christmas. Make a list of your acquaintances who you've to wish this Christmas. Make sure on one should be missed out. Prepare the list of things you want to shop for this Christmas. If you are planning to throw a grand Christmas party, this is the right time you should start off with planning for that.

Christmas Flower Comments Codes

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Chalk out a plan for the Christmas decoration of your house. Talk to an interior designer to come up with a real interior decoration on Christmas 2007 if you want. It's always a great idea to freak out for the Christmas decoration yourself. You can cherish the opportunity to bring out the artist within you. This would save dollar, for sure.
  • Make a list the interior Christmas decors that you may need.
  • Set up a budget so that you don't run out of pocket when it comes to shopping for Christmas.
  • sale out the items (decors or furnitures) that you don't want to keep this year. By this you can accumulate some extra dollar.
  • Look for some aesthetic Christmas decors just to give special touch to your Christmas decoration. Christmas trees, Christmas lantern, Christmas figurines etc are sold in the retail stores. You can also buy Christmas decors online.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Mp3: Music For Christmas

Christmas Carols Comments CodesFriends! Here's something that's really very interesting and I'm sure you are going to love it. Who doesn't love to rock around with the merry tunes of fabulous Christmas songs. Here I have come up with the Christmas mp3 list. All you need to do is to download the files as per your choice and that's it! Click here to go to the right place. Starting from the "Oh, Christmas Tree" to "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" you can find some of the really enjoyable music for Christmas with these royalty free Christmas mp3 files. You can also send these free Christmas songs to your friends who stays miles away as a cute online Christmas gift. How's that?

Enjoy the Jingle all the way!

Christmas Fun: Top Ten Christmas Movies

Can you imagine it's not even a month for the Christmas bell to toll? What are you planning for this Christmas? I was planning to come up with a real blast this Christmas eve and want to spend the whole day watching Christmas movies. If you are also like me, planning to cuddle on your couch with your family and enjoy a really exciting Christmas movie, here's a list of them.
So reach out to your friends with the perfect Christmas invitations and let them know that you're going to rent some of the great Christmas movies. Ask them to get together if they want to enjoy these movies.

You can have loads of fun with these Christmas movies with your friends and family. So just don't delay!