Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Play Safe with Fireworks This Christmas

Hello friends!! Just 13 more sleeps to say Merry christmas!

Festive and fireworks are very much related to each other. Fireworks on Christmas is not so strange. But when it comes to fireworks certain things have to be kept in mind in order to play safe. If you are planning to organize a local firework show, you have to be extra cautious. New rules have been enforced to stop fireworks becoming a late night nuisance.

  • Avoid fireworks that make noise
  • You have to give a few days prior notice to your neighbors regarding the your display. This is especially important if they have any patient, children, pets or are elderly.
  • Prior notice have to be given to the local fire station and permission has to be sought.
  • Make sure that the pets and other animals are away from the fireworks zone.
  • Friday or Saturday are the most preferable nights for a firework display.
  • It's important that your fireworks are suitable for domestic use only.

If you are planning to buy Christmas fireworks online, click here to get a list of online fireworks sellers. Watch out these Christmas fireworks videos. Have funs.

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