Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Review Of My Life

Just a few more hours to hit the New Year's eve. That means just a few hours for the dark sky to get adorned with glorious sparkles of New Year fireworks. It's time to share friendship and love with all you know on this Earth. And it's not all that a big deal to reach out to your friends and dear ones with all the millions of New Year wishes and special thoughts this New Year in this era of technology. Just a few key strokes and you can spread the fragrance of your presence around your loved once and bridge the greatest distance.

Here's a list of what I got and what I lost through out the year 2007.

All I wanted in 2007 was global peace and the scaled up spirit of friendship world wide. These are probably a couple of things that have always been experiencing a high demand all through the world. I feel it's something like trying to attain the unattainable. So lets' forget it and talk about what actually the year 2007 offered me.

I won the first prize at a local Recipe contest held at Miami in January. Yes, it's truly a memorable episode of my life because a lot of people came to know that I'm not only a great foodie but a good cook too.

I still remember February 15th, when my two Hispanic friends Juan and Pablo re-visited Miami and we had a real blast celebrating the Burger Lovers Day. We started of with special brew burger and ended up with yummy cheese burger.

I wont forget April 18th, when Rex and I had a great time at South Beach, Miami. Guess what! It was the International Guide Dog Day and lots of other dogs were there with their owners. Good news was that Rex found his first soul mate there.

May 28th 2007 -- Memorial Day was a special day for me because my mom and dad had visited Miami and after a long span of time. It was over half a decade that I got to meet my darling mom and dearest dad.

October 31st -- Halloween was again special for me. I entered the Halloween Costume contest and really became famous as Young Dr. Darkness.

November 22 -- Thanksgiving 2007 was extra special for me and my gang as we had a perfect blast on the day with lots of yummy food and special turkey recipes. Although we missed Juan and Pablo quite a lot on Thanksgiving 2007, but it was a memorable feast indeed.

December 25th -- Christmas 2007 was again a great time for me. My friends and I partied for a the whole night. We really rocked.

So 2007 was pretty good for me, but the case wasn't the same for many around me. I want to wish everyone I know on this earth a fun filled New Year's eve. I pray to my Lord to bestow His blessing on our Earth and make it a better place to live in.

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