Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Charity For Christmas Child

Friends! How's it going? World has adorned itself with new shades and I'm sure you've started getting the kitchen smell. Jingle is all the way in the air and fragrance of the Christmas flowers is making us sink deeper into the spirit of Christmas.


Have you ever thought of those poor children? I'm talking about those unfortunate children who don't have any Christmas. Santa Claus usually forget to reach out to them with toys. To be very candid, I didn't spare a thought on these poor kids until yesterday when I found a pale little kid standing in front of a gift mall, peeping through the glass door. Christmas should be a happy time for all, but a pity that it's not always the case. Here are the five very popular Christmas Charity projects, all with a common goal -- putting smile on their faces on Christmas. The true spirit of Christmas lies in loving each other, caring for the unfortunate children and making the world a happier place to live in.

You can form a group with all your friends and embark on a new voyage with a mission to put smiles on their faces. This is again a wonderful way to celebrate this Christmas.

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