Friday, March 30, 2007

Failed Friendships!!

Are you feeling that’s your sweet friendship just crashed down?...Calm off...If you have a long-lost friend with whom things ended badly, you may be able to make a meaningful reconnection. Sometimes we need to get sound judgment to manage our personal situation as we just can’t realize it clearly and completely’s useful and really may help to find way know.
You can check out this five-step plan which will help you determine whether or not a particular failed friendship should be saved and, if so, how you can do it. While these specific steps should not be treated as the answer for finding every lost friend back...they may just give a lead for guiding you in your unique journey...

Step One: Count the Cost

First of all you must determine whether your abortive friendship should be repaired. An unhealthy relationship is not worth repairing if it forces you to compromise your principles or overthrow your self-respect. You have the right to ask a friend to change if he/ she are making you feel less cared about, less respected, or even worried. Realizing that a friendship no longer works can be a positive step. Please don't fall into the trap of believing that if you lose a friend you'll never find another. The opposite may be true: you may not make another friend until you sever your association with an unhealthy person. The point is that just as good friendships can boost your sense of belonging, bad friendships can undermine your security and self-worth.

So carefully consider the price you pay for keeping a faltering friendship alive. And if the cost is too high, make a clean break. If you seek closure in a more direct and responsible way by exploring your feelings together, it is likely to pay off (for both of you) in greater openness in your new friendships.

Step Two: Make Meaningful Contact

If you have decided it's wise to reestablish contact, you need to write a note or call the person to convey one primary message: "Our friendship is valuable to me, and I miss seeing you. Is there any way we can resolve what stands between us?" That's all. In making contact the point is simple, to convey your desire and explore their openness to considering a discussion. At this stage, there is no need to go into airing your grievances or even making elaborate apologies. For now, you are simply calling a peace talk to open up honest discussions about bringing resolution to your relationship.

Step Three: Forgive as Best You Can

When someone slights you, offends you, or deeply hurts you, the urge to respond in kind is natural. The problem with this urge is that we don't know when to stop, we don't want to balance the scales, we want them tipped in our favor. And once we feel the compensation is satisfactory, our enemy takes his turn at punishing us again. The cycle repeats itself over and over...But...Stop! is talk about friendship!...Please, stop and free yourself from a desire to hurt back, put an end to your vindictive spirit and save yourself from further harm. Set your pride aside and try your best to see the situation from the other person's perspective. If you keep this in mind you will be well on your way to practicing forgiveness instead of trying to balance the scales.

Step Four: Diagnose the Problem

Finding out what went wrong is critically important if we are to learn what caused the problem in the first place—and avoid repeating it..."Everybody's human" know...BUT...we want people to be neater than they are, less complicated. We don't want to face the fact that people are partially good and partially bad. But most of life, including our friendships, plays variety of colors. And if you don't accept that, you miss out on a lot of relationships that might have been. Diagnose what’s the problem together and move to the next step. After all, if a friendship can't survive an honest discussion of differences, that may be a sign that the relationship ought to end.

Step Five: Rebuild Respect

If your friendship is to survive it will ultimately depend on the reviving of respect. "Remove respect from friendship," said Cicero, "and you have taken away the most splendid ornament it possesses." Well...let’s beleive the Roman philosopher...and consider two things how to revive respect for a fallen friend.
You begin by noting your friend's most admirable qualities. Make a list of these qualities of character. The point is not to whitewash your friend's personality. Some friends, for example, are great when you need a ride to pick up your car from the shop, but no help at all when you're in despair over a lost love. Once you know a friendship's limits, it's easier to enjoy it for what it is without feeling let down about what it's not.

Next, you need to own up to your end of the relationship by offering a sincere apology for not being the kind of friend you could have been. Identify specific things you did that contributed to the friendship's failure and confess them to your friend in an apology. Ask for forgiveness...with all your heart sincerely... If you do that, mutual respect is almost certain.

And finally...Some relationships, no matter how hard you try, never recover the joy they once had. But if you feel pain of regret or remorse when you think about a lost friend and do nothing about it, you'll never know what might have been...Good luck and good friends...You’re really worth it...
For more advice on friendship you can click here.

Each one of us has to go through difficult times in life. The road may be very long and rough... But it becomes shorter and easier to tread upon with the love and support of good friends. So reach out to 'em with a warm hug or a caring thought with these free greeting cards!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Trust - The key to True Friendship

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it's the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friend. "

Ralph Waldo Emerson

True Friendship – Recognition

How can we find true friendship in this often phony, temporary world? Friendship involves recognition or familiarity with another's personality. Friends often share likes and dislikes, interests, pursuits, and passion.

How can we recognize potential friendship? Signs include a mutual desire for companionship and perhaps a common bond of some kind. Beyond that, genuine friendship involves a shared sense of caring and concern, a desire to see one another grow and develop, and a hope for each other to succeed in all aspects of life. True friendship involves action: doing something for someone else while expecting nothing in return; sharing thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or negative criticism.

True Friendship - Relationship, Trust, Accountability

True friendship involves relationship. Those mutual attributes we mentioned above become the foundation in which recognition transpires into relationship. Many people say, "Oh, he's a good friend of mine," yet they never take time to spend time with that "good friend." Friendship takes time: time to get to know each other, time to build shared memories, time to invest in each other's growth.

Trust is essential to true friendship. We all need someone with whom we can share our lives, thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. We need to be able to share our deepest secrets with someone, without worrying that those secrets will end up on the Internet the next day! Failing to be trustworthy with those intimate secrets can destroy a friendship in a hurry. Faithfulness and loyalty are key to true friendship. Without them, we often feel betrayed, left out, and lonely. In true friendship, there is no backbiting, no negative thoughts, no turning away.

True friendship requires certain accountability factors. Real friends encourage one another and forgive one another where there has been an offense. Genuine friendship supports during times of struggle. Friends are dependable. In true friendship, unconditional love develops. We love our friends no matter what and we always want the best for our friends.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

About Your Gal Friends

People say that understanding women is tough but I feel it takes more than a lifetime to understand anyone that well, be it a man or a woman. We are all different or rather unique as individuals, some of us find it difficult to believe that but its true. What is essential is to understand yourself first. If you achieve this first step, the rest becomes easy.
But when it comes to friends, there are certain gestures that are a must if you want your friendship to last forever. And in the case of women, try following these tips to make your gal friends smile always.

  • Never break a date with a girlfriend to go out with a man.

  • Girls really do wanna have fun.

  • Friendship means never having to say "you've gained a few pounds".

  • Diamonds are a girls best friend.

  • Lend your hand, your ear, your boyfriend but never lend your Gucci Purse. He really wasn't good enough for you anyway.

  • 'PMS' stands for "Pretty Major Stress".

  • You're perfect just the weight you are.

  • There are no calories in brownies and pizza when you're depressed.

The best kind of friend is the kind you
can sit on a porch and swing with,
never say a word, and then walk away
feeling like it was the best
conversation you've every had.

A Friend You Can Always Count On !
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From One Groovy Chick To Another !
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Friday, March 23, 2007

Friendship Between Men and Women

Studies indicate that male-female friendships are less common than same-gender friendships. This is especially true for married people or couples, where friendships across the gender line are much less common than among single people. Most studies indicate that this is primarily due to possessiveness and jealousy that often characterizes sexual relationships and coupled life.

Men turn more to women for close relationships, and relationships with other men are less stressed as the only 'real' friendships" Men often describe how a friendship with a woman provides them with nurturance and intimacy, that generally is not available in their friendships with other men. The women on the other hand generally agree that in their friendships with men, they are the ones who listen and nurture. A vast majority of women, however, report that their friendships with men are less intimate than their relationships with other women. For their most intimate friendships, women turn to each other.

You Add Color To My Days !

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Daily Dose Of Girl Talk !
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Magic of Friendship

To me, a friend is someone you can tell anything to and know they will still like you. They might even like you more because of your honesty and courage. A friend is someone who never judges you – even when you stay in that miserable job, or keep going back to that dead-end relationship, or hang on to that unhealthy habit. A friend is someone who loves you just the way you are, always believes in you, offers support, and inspires you to be your best. Friends are those special ones who ask how you are and actually listen for the answer. A true friend is always there for you. And, best of all, with a true friend, you can relax and be yourself. You don’t have to perform or pretend or try to impress. True friendship is comforting and nourishing. It makes you feel warm and safe and loved.

It is said that we are fortunate if we have even one true friend. I totally agree. Friendship is the greatest fortune. A poem from childhood has stayed with me all my life: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” It’s true. New friends, old friends, all friends are treasures more valuable than silver or gold. My life is filled with friends who are fun, enthusiastic, joyful, successful, adventurous and loving. I adore them. These wise and wonderful friends are my greatest treasure.

Want to feel good fast? Make a list of all the treasured friends you have in your life and feel how much you appreciate them. Friends can include a spouse, a parent, a sibling, even a pet. I know someone whose best friend is her horse. I love that! Many of my dear friends I have never even met. We are phone and email buddies only so far. The only requirement for friendship is the heart to heart connection you feel with them. After you make your list and you’re feeling all cozy inside, make a decision to connect with at least one of these fabulous friends every day and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. As you love and appreciate your friends, you are savoring one of life’s greatest joys – the Magic of Friendship!

Remembering The Times We Spent...
When you miss your friend/ best pal
send this warm greeting remembering the times you spent together.

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For A Friend Who's Precious...
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The Darker Side of Friendship

The best of friends can fall out. A friendship can go from wonderful to harmful. Sometimes, people we welcome into our lives as friends can cause us so much pain and grief - Thomas Hood 1835

The most fatal disease of friendship is gradual decay or decline; hourly increased by causes too slender for complaint and too numerous for removal. Those who are angry may be reconciled. Samuel Johnson- The Idler 1758

This is not a perfect world. We all have our faults, a common denominator in the human race. Paths do separate, some amicably, others in severe conflict.

As with any relationship, disagreements, misunderstanding, negligence, petty provocation and conflict can slowly erode the bonds that keep friends together. These can start as minor tiffs, but can slowly grow to tear apart friends beyond redemption.


What do you expect from a friend when you are at the giving end? How much of yourself, your time, your financial and other resources do you give to a friend? Is there a mutual give and take in the relationship? Ingratitude can be a major issue between friends. Remember, it has been said that of all the Virtues, gratitude has the shortest memory. Do you expect a payback when you do your friend a favor?


Gossip is hurtful, damaging, unkind and at times it is far from the truth. Gossip is cheap talk, a cheap shot at a friend. How would you feel if you were the topic of a gossip? If you have nothing good or nice to say about anyone, zip it up. Gossip is a betrayal of trust between friends.


Codependent relationships are unhealthy, mentally, physically exhausting and exasperating, and spiritually undernourished. Some call co-dependency a relationship addiction, riddled with feelings of inadequacy, lack of fulfillment, strong need to be in control, no sense of boundaries and irrational. Codependent friends are always ready to reach out, at times at great sacrifice of their own personal needs. Some blame the world for all their problems, gets too absorbed with their own needs and at times force their points of view upon others. They fail to listen to their friends.

Sleeping or flirting with your partner

Flirting or sleeping with your partner is one of the most painful situations for a friend - to discover that the friend is sleeping with his/her partner. How can this happen? This is a betrayal of a sacred trust- a trust in the friendship. But this happens.

Wish I Could Undo The Hurt...
A heartfelt 'sorry' message... For your friend/ someone close.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Staying Close To Friends- Part II

Tips to get close to friends, chill out with them, understand them better and never fall out of friendships.
My Friend Is Unavailable
When your best friend--the one you've talked to every night for years--falls in love, your relationship inevitably changes. She's now sitting on the sofa, staring into her beloved's eyes, instead of talking on the phone with you. Maybe you're happy for her, but you miss her and feel left out.

Decide together on times when you can connect, and cherish them. After the hormones of infatuation wear off, your friend will have more time for you again, but your connection will continue to evolve in response to the other people in your lives. That's not the end of a friendship, just a new phase. You need similar flexibility when a friend moves away, which means more phone or e-mail communication and less face-to-face time.

We're at Different Places in Life
We often make friends when we're drawn together by common interests. But over time, your pursuits may change and circumstances shift. Sometimes that means the friendship will fade away there's no rule that it has to last forever. Other times, your bond may strengthen as you grow in different directions. You're single. She gets married and has a baby. So much for those after-work tête-à-têtes at the coffee bar. But if you're willing, you can help with the baby and become a member of the new family. A healthy friendship can accommodate every phase of life and many different relationships. And remember: The baby will get older, and you'll have time alone with your friend like in the old days.

Remember even when change separates us from friends who were once close to us, they remain ours forever coz this is a connection of the heart.

The Best Medicine...
Wish your friends/ family/ loved ones a whole lot of fun and laughter.

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Increase Your Face Value...
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Staying Close To Friends

The demands of modern life make sustaining friendships difficult. Here are four of the most common reasons friendships lapse and some tried-and-true suggestions for overcoming them.

I'm Too Busy
You might be feeling too stressed by time pressures to nurture relationships, but remember the more you connect with friends and the frequently you get in touch with them, the more it helps in reducing stress and doing away with all kinds of troubles.

They'll Take Advantage
If you worry about being drained by other people's needs, set realistic boundaries. Work at home? Tell friends to call after 5 pm. Does your pal Jen keep hitting you up for loans? Tell her that she can borrow money only when she's paid back the last one--or not at all. If she's a real friend, she will appreciate your candor because enabling bad habits is not a friendly thing to do.

It may help to know that as long as giving doesn't drain you, it not only helps you feel good but also can help you live longer.

Stay tuned for more ideas tomorrow.

Sending You A Me-Mail !
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Looking Forward !
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Friday, March 16, 2007

Tips For Making Friends Online

If you want to make tons of online friends on forums, chat rooms, and other sites, it requires both caution and friendliness. If you're careful with how you act online and are also very friendly, you'll appear confident and become friends with many people.


  • Find a website, chat room, or forum that interests you.
  • See what the big topics are on that particular website and get into the topics. If you're into a particular topic, then talk about with others who are interested in that topic.
  • Once you meet others who share your interests, develop friendships with them through interesting conversations.

Wanna Be Friends !
A cute, sweet ecard to ask someone you like, to be your friend.

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  • E-mail those who share your interests to talk with them more often.
  • Start groups targeted to those who share your interests and become friends with the group members.
  • Think of a creative username. Try not to have random numbers at the end of your username.


  • Do not reveal any personal information.
  • It's okay to instill some trust in online friends, but don't make yourself vulnerable to attack. Be safe about how you're choosing your friends.
  • Avoid making plans to meet anyone you meet online.

Be confident, secure, and just have FUN!!!!

A Perfect Combo !
A super-sized wish to say, you enjoy his/ her company !

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cool Friendship SMS

Don't you just love sending funny and cute messages to your friends? I do. Did you know that the most effective means of making new friends is by sending them cool friendship SMS? So, grab your cellphone and start messaging away and see what amazing replies you receive in return.

FRIENDSHIP is like a tree... It is not MEASURED by how TALL it could be, but how DEEP the roots have GROWN...

Without humor, life sucks. Without courage, life is hard. Without love, life is hopeless. Without friends, life is impossible!

A good friend is like a computer; me 'enter' ur life, 'save' u in my heart, 'format' ur problems, 'shift' u 2 opportunities & never 'delete' u from my memory!

In this WORLD, where everything seems UNCERTAIN, only one thing is DEFINITE. You'll always be my FRIEND, beyond WORDS, beyond TIME & beyond DISTANCE!

I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends. I'm surrounded by angels but I call them my best friends.

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was choice, but falling in love with you was completely out of my control.

The ship that will never sink is my friendship with you.

We've known each other by CHANCE, became friends by CHOICE, still friends by DECISION. And when we say FRIEND FOREVER, that's definitely a lifetime PROMISE!

A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to bring you joy and laughter. So, i will treasure the friendship between us.

Waiting To Hear From Ya !
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A Cool SMS !
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tips For Making Friends: Part II

Moving on to the next stage of making friends. You can begin with keeping these things in mind:

  • socialize with more people.
  • be good at giving compliments without going overboard
  • go around with a pleasant expression on their face
  • laugh at people's jokes
  • be kind
  • ask, not demand, to join in
  • offer to help others with work or carry things
  • invite people to do something together
  • be good at thinking of something interesting to do
  • be willing to share
  • tell good jokes
  • be good at organizing games or activities
  • maintain good eye contact when talking to people. Looking in a pleasant way at people show shows you are interested in being friends with them.
  • listen to what the other person say. Listening is an important skill. Everyone likes for other people to pay attention to what they say - it makes them feel good.
  • look friendly. No one wants to be around someone who glowers and emits unfriendly signals.
Smile a lot, as that acts as a magnet and will help fetching good friends.

Know You For Ages !
A heartfelt message for a friend/ pal whom you have just met.

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I Wanna Be Your Friend...
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Tips For Making Friends: Part I- Think Positve

Everyone needs friends. They are a principal source of happiness and hope in our lives. However, the ability to make friends varies from person to person. To some people, making friends is easy, and to others it’s very difficult.

If you have trouble making friends, here are some things you need to do:

  • Realize your own strengths. You have skills and talents that others can enjoy. Some people don’t let others see their goodness. Believe that you are a good person who has something to share with others.
  • Develop a sense of humor. Learn to laugh at yourself and your shortcomings too.
  • Respect the rights of others. They have their opinions; you have yours. Learn how to listen to others without putting them down or trying to convince them that your opinion is right.
  • Be kind. Throughout your life, you will learn that if you are kind to others, they usually will be kind to you.
  • Be empathetic. Try to understand what others are going through. Look at life through their eyes. If you empathize with someone’s feelings, you can help.
  • Don’t complain. People get tired of listening to constant whining. Life doesn’t always go the way you want. Learn to accept what you can’t change, and work hard to change what you can.
  • Never give up. Even if you are faced with negative, closed-minded people, never give up. Don’t let them change you into one of them. Find people who will appreciate you.
Once you learn to respect yourself and love others, friendship will come naturally.

For more, tune in tomorrow.

Fun Hanging Out Together !
A cool way to ask... 'Wanna Be Friends ?'.

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A Perfect Name To A Beautiful Bond !
Give a wonderful name to the bond you share
with someone special with this Friendship ecard.

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5 Simple Ways to Become Friends With Girls

I have often seen many guys feel a little shy, even when it comes to being friends with girls. They become conscious, or try that lil extra to win her over as their friend. What they forget is the very essence of friendship….though she may be of the opposite sex, she is as much a friend as any of his guy friends are, they can be as much fun to hang around, to share those funny jokes with as with his guy friends. So those who feel constrained and restricted and don’t know how to deal it with ease, here I come to your aid.

For Always Being There...
A heartfelt and warm message for your friend/ buddy.

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5 Simple Steps to becoming friends with girls:

Try to talk to her when you get the chance, and keep smiling, but not too much, it might be creepy.
Try out her hobbies and see if you find them interesting.
Talk to her as if you were talking to a male friend. Just realize that girls sometimes require more emotional support than guys. Talk about things together that aren't too personal. If it's too personal, it might lead to something more than what you want.
Talk to other girls as well to show that you just want to be friends.
Take her with some of your other friends to places - the mall, etc. Be sure that the other people you're taking your female friend with get along with the other people in your group.

Do lemme know how far it helped :)

Cheering You Up On The Dullest Day !
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Friday, March 9, 2007

Wishes to Bring a Smile on Your Friend's Face

Thinking Of You...
Reach out to your friend with this warm wish.

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A Reason To Smile !
A bright wish for your friend to make him/ her feel special.

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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ways to Say You're in Love with Your Best Friend

I have always loved the adage “Love is friendship set on fire?”….the line is so true for if friendship is the base of something as emotional as love, then it can possibly not fail to work out. Do you believe that love is all about understanding, about sharing the same interests, about seeing life in similar manner…..if so then what could be better than sharing your life in the loving company of your best friend.
Many I know have often developed feelings for their closest buddy and face awkward situation of how they could possible go about it. Friendship more often than not is a very noble relation and so many don’t think it wise enough to risk it all for love coz it may happen so that the feeling is not mutual, so the strong bond that the friends shared often snaps apart and they lose out even on the friendship that they once enjoyed. So it is typically a make or break situation. However, if one is confident enough to handle such a situation and can go to any length to risk friendship for love, then perhaps there are definite ways to go about it too.

A Special Hug !
Send a warm hug stuffed with lotsa love to your best friend/ pal/ loved one and make him/ her feel special.

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Here are a few friendly tips to tell your best friend you are in love with him/her:

•Remind them of what they like - If you have a male friend, who have hinted in the past about what he likes in you - certain physical or emotional characteristics that you possess and learn to highlight those features. Just don't go overboard.
Remember, that when you were friends, how you looked or felt didn't matter because he would love you nonetheless. But, when it comes to love, you need to present yourself in a way that will make him notice.
•Change the talk - When people are friends they tend to talk about everything under the sun, from common interests or each other's love interests! If you want this person to relate to you on a more intimate level as well. You could try flirting verbally.
•Create the ambience - Take every opportunity you can to hang out with this friend of yours. Instead of going with him to a usual hangout like a movie or a coffee shop, you could change the venue to a more private and romantic setting.
•Change your attitude - If this person is already your friend, he will know how you behave around someone you have more than platonic feelings for. The next time you meet him, start behaving with them the way you would around someone you like.
•Spend maximum time with each other - Get some time to talk with your friend alone, in private.
•Invite her to be part of your family - Always bring your friend around family coz they'll make your friend feel special plus they will think the person is your girlfriend/ boyfriend - do not confirm it but don't deny it either. Just keep quiet and let things run their course.
•Body language - This is one of the most powerful tools to hint to people how you feel. The body language that two friends share is very different. All you have to do is change the way you touch your friend and if he has half a brain, he'll get the hint.
•Express your feelings - Let your friend know how your feelings have changed and how you feel you two should be together.

A Super Hug !
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Wishes for Your Cool Pals

Outta The World !
Let your friend go all smiles with this cute ecard

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For A Special Friend !
A fun ecard for your friend/ loved one.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How to Converse with a Friend You Met After Years

Has it happened so that the friend you haven’t been in touch for long, some day you happen to bump into him and felt a bit weird not knowing what to start off the conversation with? An awkward smile lit up your face and your face showed signs of recognition with no signs of warmth or intimacy whatsoever? Has it happened you just exchanged smiles, said “Hello!” and walked off coz you didn’t know whether to start off from where you guys left?

Spring Up Some Fun !
A fun ecard to let your friend/ loved one know you wanna hang out together !

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I have often faced such an awkward situation and didn’t know how to react or what to say to try to get back to those old days. So, here comes a few humble tips of how you can start a conversation and be normal with your old buddy:

A hug says it all - First thing to remember is one shouldn’t panic when one meets, give a warm hug when you do come across your old buddy after long for a hug speaks much more than you could ever imagine.
Staying in touch - Next step to follow is to exchange the contact details, cell number and if possible even get to know the address where he has put up. It is important as it is the best way to keep in touch after you go separate ways.
Sharing is Caring - Next thing to do is inquire about his present situation in life and show your appreciation for the same.
Break the ice - If you both have some time in hand, then you could catch up for a cup of coffee or some tidbits whilst sharing a pleasant, commonplace conversation.
Hail to the old days - Post that you could take the initiative to invite him over to your place for some real cool time.

If these basic steps are followed, I don’t feel there should be any of those…..”Oh! My God, what should I say now?” , those awkward silences for the loss of words. However, the most important thing to bear in mind when you do meet your friend after long is to give him that feeling that you still remember his ways despite the passage of so many years. It is essential to stir the embers of friendship so that it burns bright all over again. So here’s wishing that you guys no more lose the golden chance of re-building that bond of friendship that may have gathered dust over a period of time but not essentially lost its luster.

You, Me And Coffee !
Send your friend/ loved one the perfect idea for having a great time together !

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Wishes for Your Women Friends

Sometimes I Wonder...
With this loving ecard reach out to your all in one gal friend on Women's Day.

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Joy Shared Is A Joy Doubled...
Wish your gal friend choc-a-block of smiles on this Women's Day.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Signs of Good Friendship Between Women

Wish The Day Rocks...
A rocking ecard for a friend/ sis/ cousin who's just as cool as you.

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When you don’t need to say a sorry for hurting her unwittingly and a warm hug is enough to say so when you are.
When you don’t need to say a word of consolation when she is hurt and yet she feels your support in your silence.
When she is just fine with you canceling the shopping appointment last minute to go out on a date.
When she is more than happy than you to see you find a better job or be awarded for your performance.
When she just knows what to say or do to bring a smile across your face when tears flood your eyes.
When she knows your weakness and yet harps on your strengths in public.
When she is the first person to criticize when you do a mistake and last person to fear your brunt for the same.
When she spends sleepless nights along with you when you are worried or hurt.
When she spends hours hearing all your grievances and thoughts even if it is not to her interest.
When she loves you for who you are and the last thing on her mind is to see you change.

You Are 2-In-1 For Me...
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Wish Your Friends Hello!

Jus' Popped Up To Say...
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Monday, March 5, 2007

Friendship Quotes

Here are a few friendship quotes that I found on the internet which I would love to share with you all who believe in friends being the most precious gift of God.
Hope you can use these quotes whilst making the handmade cards on your own.

Friendship Remains Forever...
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•Friends are God's way of taking care of us.
- Author Unknown –

•Friendship doubles your joys, and divides your sorrows.
- Author Unknown –

•Many people will walk in
and out of your life,
but only true friends will leave
footprints in your heart.
- Author Unknown –

•"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."
- Walter Winchell

•Parents start you off on life
but friends get you through it.
- Dee Chou –

•Good friends share good times,
but great friends divide pain.
- Michelle C. Ustaszeski –

•Side by side or miles apart,
good friends are always
close to the heart.
- Author Unknown –

•Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet
when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.
- Author Unknown –

•A friend is like a four leaf clover,
hard to find but lucky to have.
- Samantha Rosales –

•Friends are like credit cards,
we need them forever...
- Dorothy Taylor -

Friends Forever !
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Meaning of Friendship at Different Stages of Life!

Good Friends Are...
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The meaning of friendship takes on varied shapes in different stages of life. This is what I feel friendship is all about:

Friendship at the age of 5 means sharing a piece of chocolate cake or a candy with your closest buddy.
Friendship at the age of 10 means wearing the same dress on your birthday and love looking the same despite it being your special day.
Friendship at the age of 15 means cracking jokes and laughing over your first date mistakes.
Friendship at 20 means sharing your heartbreaks over a cup of coffee or beer.
Friendship at 30 means discussing the problems at work and life in general over hours together and then forgetting about it on seeing your favorite team win a match of football over TV, thinking that life’s after all not bad with friends around to enjoy the victory.
Friendship at 50 means meeting deadlines at office and yet finding the time to just reach your friend’s birthday party when all guests have left and you have strength enough to crash on the bed just to say you remember his/ her birthday and he just seems fine with you forgetting it coz he knows you care.
Friendship at 60 means when you sit alone at home yet don’t feel so as you flip through the albums reliving those fond days that you spent in the company of your friends and a smile flashes across your face at the thought that is someone who still remembers you.
Friendship at 70 means being happy seeing two small kids hug and share their candy as it brings back those cherished days of friendship.

Friendship thus evolves into a whole new meaning with the passage of time. The true essence and luster of friendship lies in the fact that it surpasses the decay and decadence brought about time. So let’s celebrate this essence of friendship in our life!

Feels Great To Have A Friend Like Ya !
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