Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Signs of Good Friendship Between Women

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When you don’t need to say a sorry for hurting her unwittingly and a warm hug is enough to say so when you are.
When you don’t need to say a word of consolation when she is hurt and yet she feels your support in your silence.
When she is just fine with you canceling the shopping appointment last minute to go out on a date.
When she is more than happy than you to see you find a better job or be awarded for your performance.
When she just knows what to say or do to bring a smile across your face when tears flood your eyes.
When she knows your weakness and yet harps on your strengths in public.
When she is the first person to criticize when you do a mistake and last person to fear your brunt for the same.
When she spends sleepless nights along with you when you are worried or hurt.
When she spends hours hearing all your grievances and thoughts even if it is not to her interest.
When she loves you for who you are and the last thing on her mind is to see you change.

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