Monday, March 12, 2007

5 Simple Ways to Become Friends With Girls

I have often seen many guys feel a little shy, even when it comes to being friends with girls. They become conscious, or try that lil extra to win her over as their friend. What they forget is the very essence of friendship….though she may be of the opposite sex, she is as much a friend as any of his guy friends are, they can be as much fun to hang around, to share those funny jokes with as with his guy friends. So those who feel constrained and restricted and don’t know how to deal it with ease, here I come to your aid.

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5 Simple Steps to becoming friends with girls:

Try to talk to her when you get the chance, and keep smiling, but not too much, it might be creepy.
Try out her hobbies and see if you find them interesting.
Talk to her as if you were talking to a male friend. Just realize that girls sometimes require more emotional support than guys. Talk about things together that aren't too personal. If it's too personal, it might lead to something more than what you want.
Talk to other girls as well to show that you just want to be friends.
Take her with some of your other friends to places - the mall, etc. Be sure that the other people you're taking your female friend with get along with the other people in your group.

Do lemme know how far it helped :)

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