Friday, March 16, 2007

Tips For Making Friends Online

If you want to make tons of online friends on forums, chat rooms, and other sites, it requires both caution and friendliness. If you're careful with how you act online and are also very friendly, you'll appear confident and become friends with many people.


  • Find a website, chat room, or forum that interests you.
  • See what the big topics are on that particular website and get into the topics. If you're into a particular topic, then talk about with others who are interested in that topic.
  • Once you meet others who share your interests, develop friendships with them through interesting conversations.

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  • E-mail those who share your interests to talk with them more often.
  • Start groups targeted to those who share your interests and become friends with the group members.
  • Think of a creative username. Try not to have random numbers at the end of your username.


  • Do not reveal any personal information.
  • It's okay to instill some trust in online friends, but don't make yourself vulnerable to attack. Be safe about how you're choosing your friends.
  • Avoid making plans to meet anyone you meet online.

Be confident, secure, and just have FUN!!!!

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barbara said...

Hi Sean,
Thanking you for visiting our blog :).
You are welcome to visit us and chat.
You have some good tips here; keep up the good work.
Happy Saint Pat's day to you, too !