Sunday, March 18, 2007

Staying Close To Friends

The demands of modern life make sustaining friendships difficult. Here are four of the most common reasons friendships lapse and some tried-and-true suggestions for overcoming them.

I'm Too Busy
You might be feeling too stressed by time pressures to nurture relationships, but remember the more you connect with friends and the frequently you get in touch with them, the more it helps in reducing stress and doing away with all kinds of troubles.

They'll Take Advantage
If you worry about being drained by other people's needs, set realistic boundaries. Work at home? Tell friends to call after 5 pm. Does your pal Jen keep hitting you up for loans? Tell her that she can borrow money only when she's paid back the last one--or not at all. If she's a real friend, she will appreciate your candor because enabling bad habits is not a friendly thing to do.

It may help to know that as long as giving doesn't drain you, it not only helps you feel good but also can help you live longer.

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