Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tips For Making Friends: Part II

Moving on to the next stage of making friends. You can begin with keeping these things in mind:

  • socialize with more people.
  • be good at giving compliments without going overboard
  • go around with a pleasant expression on their face
  • laugh at people's jokes
  • be kind
  • ask, not demand, to join in
  • offer to help others with work or carry things
  • invite people to do something together
  • be good at thinking of something interesting to do
  • be willing to share
  • tell good jokes
  • be good at organizing games or activities
  • maintain good eye contact when talking to people. Looking in a pleasant way at people show shows you are interested in being friends with them.
  • listen to what the other person say. Listening is an important skill. Everyone likes for other people to pay attention to what they say - it makes them feel good.
  • look friendly. No one wants to be around someone who glowers and emits unfriendly signals.
Smile a lot, as that acts as a magnet and will help fetching good friends.

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