Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ways to Say You're in Love with Your Best Friend

I have always loved the adage “Love is friendship set on fire?”….the line is so true for if friendship is the base of something as emotional as love, then it can possibly not fail to work out. Do you believe that love is all about understanding, about sharing the same interests, about seeing life in similar manner…..if so then what could be better than sharing your life in the loving company of your best friend.
Many I know have often developed feelings for their closest buddy and face awkward situation of how they could possible go about it. Friendship more often than not is a very noble relation and so many don’t think it wise enough to risk it all for love coz it may happen so that the feeling is not mutual, so the strong bond that the friends shared often snaps apart and they lose out even on the friendship that they once enjoyed. So it is typically a make or break situation. However, if one is confident enough to handle such a situation and can go to any length to risk friendship for love, then perhaps there are definite ways to go about it too.

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Here are a few friendly tips to tell your best friend you are in love with him/her:

•Remind them of what they like - If you have a male friend, who have hinted in the past about what he likes in you - certain physical or emotional characteristics that you possess and learn to highlight those features. Just don't go overboard.
Remember, that when you were friends, how you looked or felt didn't matter because he would love you nonetheless. But, when it comes to love, you need to present yourself in a way that will make him notice.
•Change the talk - When people are friends they tend to talk about everything under the sun, from common interests or each other's love interests! If you want this person to relate to you on a more intimate level as well. You could try flirting verbally.
•Create the ambience - Take every opportunity you can to hang out with this friend of yours. Instead of going with him to a usual hangout like a movie or a coffee shop, you could change the venue to a more private and romantic setting.
•Change your attitude - If this person is already your friend, he will know how you behave around someone you have more than platonic feelings for. The next time you meet him, start behaving with them the way you would around someone you like.
•Spend maximum time with each other - Get some time to talk with your friend alone, in private.
•Invite her to be part of your family - Always bring your friend around family coz they'll make your friend feel special plus they will think the person is your girlfriend/ boyfriend - do not confirm it but don't deny it either. Just keep quiet and let things run their course.
•Body language - This is one of the most powerful tools to hint to people how you feel. The body language that two friends share is very different. All you have to do is change the way you touch your friend and if he has half a brain, he'll get the hint.
•Express your feelings - Let your friend know how your feelings have changed and how you feel you two should be together.

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