Monday, March 5, 2007

Meaning of Friendship at Different Stages of Life!

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The meaning of friendship takes on varied shapes in different stages of life. This is what I feel friendship is all about:

Friendship at the age of 5 means sharing a piece of chocolate cake or a candy with your closest buddy.
Friendship at the age of 10 means wearing the same dress on your birthday and love looking the same despite it being your special day.
Friendship at the age of 15 means cracking jokes and laughing over your first date mistakes.
Friendship at 20 means sharing your heartbreaks over a cup of coffee or beer.
Friendship at 30 means discussing the problems at work and life in general over hours together and then forgetting about it on seeing your favorite team win a match of football over TV, thinking that life’s after all not bad with friends around to enjoy the victory.
Friendship at 50 means meeting deadlines at office and yet finding the time to just reach your friend’s birthday party when all guests have left and you have strength enough to crash on the bed just to say you remember his/ her birthday and he just seems fine with you forgetting it coz he knows you care.
Friendship at 60 means when you sit alone at home yet don’t feel so as you flip through the albums reliving those fond days that you spent in the company of your friends and a smile flashes across your face at the thought that is someone who still remembers you.
Friendship at 70 means being happy seeing two small kids hug and share their candy as it brings back those cherished days of friendship.

Friendship thus evolves into a whole new meaning with the passage of time. The true essence and luster of friendship lies in the fact that it surpasses the decay and decadence brought about time. So let’s celebrate this essence of friendship in our life!

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