Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How to Converse with a Friend You Met After Years

Has it happened so that the friend you haven’t been in touch for long, some day you happen to bump into him and felt a bit weird not knowing what to start off the conversation with? An awkward smile lit up your face and your face showed signs of recognition with no signs of warmth or intimacy whatsoever? Has it happened you just exchanged smiles, said “Hello!” and walked off coz you didn’t know whether to start off from where you guys left?

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I have often faced such an awkward situation and didn’t know how to react or what to say to try to get back to those old days. So, here comes a few humble tips of how you can start a conversation and be normal with your old buddy:

A hug says it all - First thing to remember is one shouldn’t panic when one meets, give a warm hug when you do come across your old buddy after long for a hug speaks much more than you could ever imagine.
Staying in touch - Next step to follow is to exchange the contact details, cell number and if possible even get to know the address where he has put up. It is important as it is the best way to keep in touch after you go separate ways.
Sharing is Caring - Next thing to do is inquire about his present situation in life and show your appreciation for the same.
Break the ice - If you both have some time in hand, then you could catch up for a cup of coffee or some tidbits whilst sharing a pleasant, commonplace conversation.
Hail to the old days - Post that you could take the initiative to invite him over to your place for some real cool time.

If these basic steps are followed, I don’t feel there should be any of those…..”Oh! My God, what should I say now?” , those awkward silences for the loss of words. However, the most important thing to bear in mind when you do meet your friend after long is to give him that feeling that you still remember his ways despite the passage of so many years. It is essential to stir the embers of friendship so that it burns bright all over again. So here’s wishing that you guys no more lose the golden chance of re-building that bond of friendship that may have gathered dust over a period of time but not essentially lost its luster.

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