Monday, March 19, 2007

Staying Close To Friends- Part II

Tips to get close to friends, chill out with them, understand them better and never fall out of friendships.
My Friend Is Unavailable
When your best friend--the one you've talked to every night for years--falls in love, your relationship inevitably changes. She's now sitting on the sofa, staring into her beloved's eyes, instead of talking on the phone with you. Maybe you're happy for her, but you miss her and feel left out.

Decide together on times when you can connect, and cherish them. After the hormones of infatuation wear off, your friend will have more time for you again, but your connection will continue to evolve in response to the other people in your lives. That's not the end of a friendship, just a new phase. You need similar flexibility when a friend moves away, which means more phone or e-mail communication and less face-to-face time.

We're at Different Places in Life
We often make friends when we're drawn together by common interests. But over time, your pursuits may change and circumstances shift. Sometimes that means the friendship will fade away there's no rule that it has to last forever. Other times, your bond may strengthen as you grow in different directions. You're single. She gets married and has a baby. So much for those after-work tête-à-têtes at the coffee bar. But if you're willing, you can help with the baby and become a member of the new family. A healthy friendship can accommodate every phase of life and many different relationships. And remember: The baby will get older, and you'll have time alone with your friend like in the old days.

Remember even when change separates us from friends who were once close to us, they remain ours forever coz this is a connection of the heart.

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