Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Safety Tips

Hi friends! I am sure that you guys are keeping an eye on the Christmas countdown. Can you imagine that it's only a couple of weeks to until Christmas? So when it comes to Christmas that first thing that strikes our mind is the Christmas decoration. And Christmas decoration means Christmas trees and Christmas lightings. I hope that my last post on Tips On Christmas decorations would come to a great help on Christmas but here's something more important. Let's talk about safety tips on Christmas, that are related to Christmas decoration. Christmas decoration can be so much fun, since it holds the true spirit of Christmas. But it may also turn out to be really dangerous if Christmas safety tips are not followed.

Here are the Christmas trees safety tips and Christmas light Safety tips

  • Each year about 400 incidences of residential fire involve Christmas trees, resulting in havoc loss. The dried up trees are quite dangerous and should be avoided. while buying the real Christmas trees make sure that the needles of the pines are green and do not break when folded.
  • Stand your Christmas tree away from fireplaces.
  • If you are planning to come up with an artificial Christmas tree, make sure that it is fire resistances and doesn't have any nude electrical conductor.
  • Make sure that the artificial trees with built-in electrical systems have the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) mark.
  • If you're decorating the Christmas tree make sure that you are not using the frayed and nude wires and the broken socket.
  • Avoid placing lighted candles near the Christmas trees or near the curtains, if any.
  • When you are selecting the lights and extension cords make sure the product comes from an well known manufacturer.
  • Avoid using any items outdoor unless it's designed for external use. Remember that cords, wires, plugs etc.for the exterior use are not designed in the same way as for the interior purposes. Usually the exterior extension cords have three-pronged male plugs to avoid having a short circuit.
  • Usually for exterior light sets that are found today have built-in fuse that is connected in the plug. These are undoubtedly better than the ones that don't have built-in fuse.
  • Contact a good electrician for the Christmas light decoration. Self help is not always the best help!!!
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Christmas Safety Tips

Christmas Tree Safety Tips From "The National Christmas Tree Foundation"

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