Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Friendship Quotes For Friendship Day

Hey !! Friendship Day is just around the corner. But have you ever wondered how good can you be as a friend? What does it really take to be a good friend? There are lots of friendship quotes that teach us some of the simplest ways to become a good friend. There is no better way to spread the fragrance of friendship than to be a real good friend to world. The secret involves certain very simple arts to be mastered, understanding some of the unique friendship quotes.

“To Be Trusted Is a Great Compliment Than Being Loved” -- George MacDonald
Yes! It is very important to trust your friends and be trusted. This friendship quote teaches us another secret formula of being a good friend. You cannot be a good friend if you do not learn how to trust him or her and the words of love would be meaningless and hollow without trust.

On the other level you should also be trusted. So never do things that can break your friends' trust on you. “Trust is like a vase ... once broken, though you can fix it the vase will never be same again.“

“Touch seems To Be As Essential As Sunlight” -- Diane Ackerman
No doubt about it. This beautiful friendship quote teaches us that “touch” is really the most potent tool that gives strength to the relationship. Touching the shoulder of your friend is really like the first morning beam touching the grass after a long cold night -- especially during your friend's bad time.

Giving your friend a hearty hug in greeting would be is another way to come closer and let him or her reach close to your heart.

“Thoughts Are The Shadows Of Our Feelings..”
--Friedrich Nietzsche
Here's another wonderful friendship quote. We can share our thoughts by sharing our feelings. It is by sharing your feelings that you can open up yourself to your friends and let them know about you. If you cannot share your feelings with your friends you cannot grow a golden relationship and can never be a good friend.

To be a best friend all that you need is to do is to keep these friendship quotes in the forefront of your mind. Just be like a worst tenant. Enter into their hearts, stay in there and don't vacate. Celebrate the Friendship Day and befriend people who come in your way.

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