Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Colors of Friendship

Friends! So how was your St. Patrick's Day celebration? It was a real blast -- I'm sure! How many wishes did you get this St. Patrick's Day? Just hit them back with a return response -- with a thank you note and let them know that you were really missing them this St. Patrick's Day.

Well, now lets talk something about friendship and it two colors. Wondering? Yes, colors of friendship is what I actually meant! I have always been good friends to good people but what I've seen during these few years of befriending new friends staying in close touch with them. Well its whatever way you look at it... you can think it to be my experiment with friends or a success-failure account of my friendship.

What I found is that people tend to classify friendship into two distinctive categories -- the beneficial friendship and non-beneficial friendship. Well, it sounds like I have been researching on human emotion -- especially on friends' psychology for years. Nothing like that! This is all that I wanted to share with you guys. Kinships like beneficial friendship is something that a great section of the present generation is actually harping on! You make friends to get something -- either in the form of dollars or sexually.

I am really proud to have a team like this, where Tim, John, Susan, Rick, Pablo, Juan, Eddie, Lance and all are friends indeed -- friends in need! What I found in these guys is that the friendship comes from their within. We spend lot of time in parks, restaurants, seaquariums, hang out together to share fun. There exists no commitment.

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