Monday, August 25, 2008

Labor Day Invitation For Your Friends

Great mind was he, who once said: "True friendship is seen through the heart not through the eyes". Yes... said perfectly, friendship is a love that has to be nurtured with care and understanding; it's a feeling that is nourished with kindness and empathy.

It's not always that you need to wait for an event to reach out to your friends with your thoughts and messages. If you are missing your special friend now, the spread the aura of your presence right at the moment. It might be that he or she is also thinking of you. And there's no better way you can delight your friends with a shrieking surprise than this.

But if you are really waiting for an event, Labor Day is waiting right outside your doorstep. Send out some Labor Day wishes to your friends and make them feel special, knowing how
much you think of them on special occasions like this. Just send out a Labor Day Invitation, letting your friends know that you are ready to grill the Labor Day BBQ!

Send this free Labor Day card
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raj said...

Red -conveys romantic love.
Purple -conveys love at first sight.
Orange -conveys deep desire.
Yellow -conveys your happiness and friendship.
Peach -convey gratitude and appreciation.
Pink -convey innocent and tender love.
White -convey purity of love.