Monday, April 23, 2007

Time to Wish Your Friends Who Are Administrative Professionals
International Association of Administrative Professionals
World Headquarters, Kansas City, Missouri

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Administrative Professionals Week® ―Always observed annually during the last FULL week in April, standard Sunday through Saturday calendar week. Administrative Professionals Day® ―Observed annually the Wednesday of Administrative Professionals Week. This year its on 25th April,2007

Recommendations to Employers, Supervisors
For Celebrating Administrative Professionals Week

If you’re an employer or supervisor, chances are you’ve wondered how best to observe Administrative Professionals Week.

Most administrative support staff prefer observances that recognize their professional role or provide opportunities for professional learning and growth, according to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

IAAP suggests that employers consider these ideas for observances:

  • Hold a company-wide observance or special event for administrative staff, such as a presentation by a professional development speaker, or a group recognition of administrative professionals by the chief executive.

  • Provide registration for a professional development seminar to build the individual’s technical, interpersonal or business skills.

  • Support membership in appropriate networking and professional associations.

  • Encourage study for and attainment of professional certification.

Additional gift suggestions include appropriate business-related items such as personalized business cards, a desktop nameplate, a gift certificate, ergonomically correct desk accessories or equipment, computer hardware/software upgrade, or a monetary bonus for exemplary performance.

IAAP also suggests that it’s always wise for employers, managers, supervisors or executives to ask their administrative staff how they would prefer to observe Administrative Professionals Week.

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