Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spirit Of Christmas is Already in The Air

Friends! How's it going? Can't you feel the fragrance of love in the air with the spirit of festivity at its peak? Share some love and friendship with your friends and loved ones and scale the spirit of Christmas higher. Guess what? Christmas Parade of Lights Day is going to be celebrated at Wisconsin, with really great pomp and show. I know that the days are getting shorter and you have already started counting down your shopping until Christmas. I'm going to have another real big blast this christmas -- just like Thanksgiving. It's really a good idea to give a bit early start on Christmas. So you can kick start your fun by decorating your browser with an awesome Christmas theme. I did it a couple of days back and believe me it really keeps the spirit high whenever I switch it on.

Are you having Firefox? That's really Cool!!! Just check out these Firefox add-ons to get some really dramatic Christmas themes for your browser. Although you'll not get any image of Christmas figurines, but I can say for sure that these Christmas décors for your browser are really great ideas to start off with your Christmas decoration.


X-Mas (Light)

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