Friday, May 18, 2007

Ask your friend on a Prom Date!!

Make your mark! A quick and hopefully embarrassment-free way to ask someone out to Prom!


1. Get a plain white t-shirt. It can be any material you choose.
2. Write your name on it in permanent marker.
3. Write the names of about 30 other girls/boys (same sex as you) in washable marker, but make sure that the marker comes out in the wash.
4. Write a poem/note that says to wash the shirt to find out who asked him/her to prom, so that when he/she washes it only your name will be left.
5. Wrap it up and leave it on his/her doorstep, or mail it.


• Use differently colored markers.
• Make sure that the permanent marker you use doesn't come out in the wash by taking a rag and writing the word rag on it and then wash it. Hey, it helps out your household by making sure nobody uses the rag as anything else!
• Also, use a shirt that the person you're going to ask out might wear. Don't buy a size XXL if the person you're going to ask is a size M.


• Make sure to tell him/her that he/she shouldn't wash the shirt with any other clothes. You don't want to ruin his/her wardrobe!

Things You'll Need

• Permanent marker
• Washable markers
• A list of other girls/guys (to also write on the shirt) in your school
• A shirt
• Packaging to wrap the shirt in


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