Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Friendships of Mothers and Daughters!!

As the daughter grows up they become the closest of friends to their moms. From sharing pranks or gossips at college to helping each other with their chores and activities they become emotionally closer and draws strength from each other. It is a very special friendship. It is this bonding that helps the daughter sail smoothly from her girlhood days to her womanhood. This is a kind of friendship where they:

• are there for one another to care and listen
• accept one another for who they are
• support one another unconditionally
• encourage and guide one another
• are true friends for a life-time

Here is wonderful book on the mother and daughter bonding. This book is a collection of poems and reflections about the special bond that exists between a mother and daughter. Writing selections by noted authors Susan Polis Schutz, Natasha Josefowitz, and Madeleine L’Engle, together with a host of popular Blue Mountain Arts authors, take the reader on an emotion-filled journey through the laughter, the learning, the growing, and all the fun-filled moments that mothers and daughters share. It is a celebration of the strongest and most wonderful relationship of all… the love between a mother and daughter.

The love between a mother and daughter exists in a special place ...where "always" always lasts and "forever" never goes away. -- Laurel Atherton

This mother’s day celebrate this special bonding with your mothers and daughters.

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