Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Being there for a friend!!

Being oblivious is not a good thing. If you miss out on the fact something is wrong with a friend, you could be putting them in danger. So figure out how to "read" your friends.


1. Know your friends. This is a must — you can't get anywhere without really knowing your loved ones! Make sure to watch them- learn how they stand, how they walk, when they're quiet and why. Don't stalk them, just know them.
2. Watch and listen. If you want to be able to help, listening is one of the most important skills to learn.
3. When someone acts different, pay attention. Don't just write it off as normal (unless your friend is a complete spazz). If they're quieter than normal, stand differently, space out when they used to be hyper, if different things annoy or depress them, something may be up.
4. Confront them. Just say, "Hey, I noticed you've seemed a little off today, you okay?" Nothing over the top — just something simple. That may be all it takes to let a friend know you care and are there for him or her.


• For any of you who act, this is a good exercise to learn how people stand, walk, and react differently.


• Don't be obvious about watching your friends or you might get some funny looks.
• Keep in mind, your friend may just be tired... but if they react badly, that's another warning sign!

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