Sunday, May 20, 2007

Friendship Between Fathers And Daughters!!

Few of life's relationships compare to that of a father and daughter. From the first time she grasps his hand and says her first words, to the day she moves out on her own, the bond between them is ever evolving: dad goes from childhood hero, feared inspector of boyfriends, to the sage friend of adulthood. Daughters mature from perfect little angels into rebellious teens to accomplished women who are dad's pride and joy.

Chicken Soup for the Father and Daughter Soul celebrates this special relationship with stories about childhood, the trying years of adolescence, the poignancy of leaving home and even the years when daughters often become caretakers.

This is a beautiful book which would help understand and bond between the dads and their little girls even better. This could also be a wonderful gift from a daughter to a father on this Father’s Day. This book would surely serve to increase their communication, "saying" what may have gone unspoken over the years. Cheers to this special friendship!!

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