Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Happy Raspberry Pop Over Day!!

Yum! Yum! It's Raspberry Popover Day! It’s time to pop in some berrylicious wishes to my dear friends. Hey, did ya guys know that raspberries belong to the Rose family? Can you
imagine sending a friend a bunch of raspberries instead of a dozen roses? That would actually be great!!

History of Raspberries

Red Raspberries have been cultivated in Europe for over 400 years. In North America, cultivated raspberries originated from two groups: red raspberries, native to Europe, and wild red ones native to North America. By 1867 over 40 different varieties were known.


• There are more than 200 species of raspberries in the world.
• Although very perishable, raspberries are now imported from as far away as Chile and New Zealand, thanks to air travel and climate-controlled packaging.
• Raspberries are a wonderful source of vitamin C, containing 40% of a person's daily needs.
• Eat only one cup of plump, juicy raspberries and you'll have one of your 5 A Day! Yeah!!!
• The raspberry is composed of many connecting drupelets (individual sections of fruit, each with its own seed) surrounding a central core.

How to Select & Store

When choosing raspberries, look for berries that are dry, plump, and firm. Good quality raspberries will not be moldy, soft or leaky, or break apart easily. Raspberries are delicate and perishable but will keep in the refrigerator for one to two days under ideal conditions. Make sure not to wash the raspberries until it's time to eat them.

Fun and Easy Ways to Eat Your "5 A Day"

Remember, one cup of raspberries count as one serving of your 5 A Day. Here’s a delicious recipe for you to try. Fruity Breakfast Parfait, it’s great for breakfast or even a snack. Also, for your next party or when friends come over, make Tropical Fruit Punch for a refreshing drink! Raspberries are fun to eat and are an awesome treat.

Breakfast: Try making Fruit "N" Juice Breakfast Shake; toss some into your favorite hot or cold cereal; top pancakes and waffles with raspberries; add some when making muffins and breakfast breads; make a parfait with non-fat yogurt, cereal and raspberries; or make a breakfast blender shake with non-fat milk and yogurt.

Snacks: Add raspberries to low-fat yogurt or on top of frozen yogurt; make fruit kabobs or a raspberry shake; eat fresh raspberries right out of your hand.

Lunch and dinner: Add raspberries to a fruit or vegetable salad; make a raspberry sauce to serve with chicken or fish dishes; use raspberries to accompany chicken and tuna salads.
Dessert: Use raspberries as a topping on angel food cake; make a raspberry sauce for fruit or sorbet desserts; spoon over low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt.

I just can’t wait to try out some raspberry dessert tonight!! Hope you all have a great time and extend some berrylicious wishes to your friends and loved ones through these lovely cards.

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