Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gifts for Mother’s Day!!

One day in a year when we spare a thought for the special woman who took so many pains to provide us with everything we wished for - MOTHER. A smile on her face is is the ultimate reason we celebrate Mother's Day. And the best gift on this day that all our mothers look forward to is spending time with their children and having heart to heart talks. While I was thinking about the best gift to express my love, I came across a lovely simple ecard in one of the most popular ecard sites. I was touched. The ecard said it all.

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So, gifts are just an alternate for the love everyone would like to express for their moms. If you are still confused and wanna buy some nice gifts for your mom here are some ideas.

1. Offer Mom a chance to explore a new passion. If she's spoken of an unexplored interest--such as art, music, gourmet cooking, singing or golf--sign her up for lessons. Contact local community centers, teachers or clubs for references. If she's always wanted to play the drums, rent a set and locate a teacher.

2. Buy a flat of plants or flowers for her garden and plant them where she chooses; or put in a vegetable garden. (See "How to Start a Vegetable Garden")

3. Make her sigh with a fabulous spa day or a massage certificate, or book her a professional beauty treatment.

4. Get her computer hooked up to the Internet, or buy her a cell phone with a family plan if she says, "You never call! You never write!"

5. Plant a container with a lush mini herb garden that she can snip at will while cooking.

6. Have some favorite family photographs matted and framed for her to enjoy.

7. Take her to a local gym for a sample session of yoga, tai chi or personal training sessions. Better yet, you go too.

8. Take her sewing machine in to get serviced.

9. Gather your clan and book a professional photographer to take a portrait of the whole family. Costs range widely, but expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on the studio, and the number and size of prints you end up ordering. (See "How to Hire a Photographer")

10. Buy a gift certificate from a favorite store where she usually wouldn't indulge herself.

11. Take a walk on the wild side and buy her a pair of snowshoes (available at stores such as

12. Whet the appetite of a voyaging mom with a Topo! GPS software program from The CD-ROM works with a GPS receiver to plan her next ultimate adventure.

Now go ahead and pick your gifts for dear moms.

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